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Jak se zapojit do soutěže

Since we provide our services for men, men, boys, we decided to support more than a beneficial thing, such as the MOT for men by Petr Koukal . His life story is not only more than inspiring for us, which is why we agreed with him and his foundation on this event. We want to promote a good cause that can save many men and their life stories .

The charity event will take place on June 22 in OC Chodov in The Designer Gallery, in the Gold Barbers salon . You can come all day for "your" haircut, tame the lush hair, adjust your beard to the latest trends and pay a voluntary amount, which will be donated to the Petr Koukal Foundation. On this day, the standard price list of services for cuts does not apply. If you pay a minimum amount of CZK 500, you will receive one voucher that will "get you in the game" for more than interesting prizes .

If you want to support a good cause and you have just been groomed by another barber, you can of course just buy a voucher that will get you "in the game" and the amount will be credited to the account of the MOT for men. Women who will not be in the center with their "guy" that day and want her "guy" to take a tour, or even realize (you know, men are terrible heroes who do not like to admit to their "pains") this issue they just have the opportunity to get a voucher for their "guy" for a preventive check-up.

Upon arrival, the medic will explain this (so sensitive for "guys") topic, introduce you to the self-examination of the testicles on a more than real model, and you can try how to perform this self-examination.

There will be wine tastings at the salon (there is a tasting of Reva Rakvice on the website), refreshments will be provided by Pizzeria Andiamo, various competitions will take place, and during the day you will have the chance to meet interesting people from various fields.

On behalf of the athletes Petr Koukal and Gabriela Koukalová, on behalf of the chef Jan Punčochář, and Tomáš Verner will guide you throughout the afternoon.

At 6 pm, the selected amount will be ceremoniously handed over to Peter Koukal.

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